About us

Hi everyone! It's Josh & Anna here, the ones who started Fitness Junkies. True Fitness Junkies at heart. They say "your body is your temple", so you might as well treat it as such. You'll spend your whole life walking around in it, right? Truth is, we haven't always applied this way of thinking but one thing we can say for sure, health is wealth. If you take care of the body you've been given, it'll do the same for you and that's a fact! It's like anything you do, you get out what you put in. Nothing more - nothing less. Fitness Junkies was established in 2017 out of South Florida where staying in shape is a BIG deal. Our mission is to build a brand, a community, a movement around a healthy & fit lifestyle. As we were inspired to change our lifestyles, we want to help inspire others to do the same. If you're a true Fitness Junkie at heart, come along for the ride and lets see where this journey takes us!